An Easy Way to Share a Smart Home with your Loved Ones

Being a parent is never easy no matter how great your kid or multiple kids are. Maybe it’s so hard because you're always trying to balance both letting your child be independent while also ensuring their safety. Unfortunately, this internal struggle only grows as your child becomes a teenager or even scarier, a college student! The great news is, we live in an amazing era that is filled with smart home products that allow you to do incredible things including tracking your loved ones no matter their location.

A full home automation system is not always a realistic option. This could be because you live in a rented apartment and can’t have any permanent fixtures placed in your walls, or because the price for a full system is just not in your budget range. Or maybe your child is going off to college and you want to ensure their safety without buying any fancy automation system. In cases like this, we recommend getting Google Home products.

Our Favorite Google Home Products for Ensuring Safety

1. Nest Camera

The Nest Cam Indoor security camera was designed to help you look
after your family and your home at any time and from any location. Some of the
awesome features of the camera include a versatile magnetic stand, 24/7 live streaming,
and it includes optional alerts when people walk in and out of the room.

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2. Google Hub

The Google Hub is a visual, touchscreen-based interface that’s purpose is to help you navigate through daily life. In basic terms, the Hub acts as a smartphone and a security device. On the Google Hub’s home screen, you can control your TV, monitor your security cameras, lock the doors, dim your lights, and so much more. Additionally, it can hook up to as many devices in your home as you want giving you more control of your security and surroundings.

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3. Nest x Yale Electric Door Lock

Nest and Yale are a match made in heaven. Yale knows how to secure locks while Nest knows how to connect the home. Together, the electric door lock is a tamper-proof and a key-free deadbolt that connects to your entire home system! This special door lock allows you to lock and unlock your home from literally anywhere. You are able to give your trusted friends and family a passcode rather than an easy to loose key.

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There really is no limit to what Google products can do but at the end of the day, your family’s
security and safety is the most important need of all. With these three amazing Google Home
products, you can relax and know that your loved ones are taken care of and protected at all

I hope this article has been helpful to turning your home into a smart home!

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