Back in the 1960s, the Jetson family lived lives enhanced by automation. Today, we are living in the age that is surging towards fully automated smart houses.

The kitchen has long been called the heart of the home. Smart kitchen appliances are now giving the kitchen a brain.

There’s everything from sensors that alert us when the stove has been left on, to forks that remind us to savor each bite.

Smart kitchen devices are now commonplace in the internet of things revolution.

Read on for how these kitchen gadgets can improve your life.

Cook Smarter

Smart kitchen appliances can make your culinary feats easier.

There are broad, multi-purpose devices like ovens. There are specific but common tools like coffee makers. Whether you live in the kitchen or just brew coffee and toast bagels, there’s an appliance that can make your culinary life easier.

A smart oven and stove is the solution for a busy family juggling many activities. An app lets you defrost, bake and roast your food. Once it is cooked, the stove will adjust the temperature to keep the food warm.

Remote cooking is also now possible. This allows you to check the progress of your meal and turn it off or on as needed.

Then, if you want to clean your oven, your app may also allow for doing so remotely.

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Connect to your Fridge While You’re Out

Some of the newest smart kitchen appliances are fridges.

From your phone, you can check if you have enough ice when you’re on your way home.

Some come with cameras inside so you see what you’re low on while you’re out shopping. Shopping without a list is a sure way of overspending. Not anymore, with this smart appliance.

Smart Kitchen Appliances for Streamlined Shopping

Have you ever gone to the store for an ingredient you need right now to cook your meal? Have you sometimes come home with 15 things you didn’t need?

New smart kitchen appliances make grocery shopping more efficient.

For example, the Amazon Dash button allows you to order whatever you need from Amazon. If you add in each item as you run out, you won’t be scrambling to the store in between grocery trips.

Another way to streamline your shopping is with the GeniCan. This device sits with your garbage can to make sure you never forget the groceries you need.

Just swipe the item’s barcode on the barcode reader. That lets you add the item to your list on the GeniCan.

What if there’s no barcode? No problem.

Simply hold your hand in front of the scanner for a few seconds. GeniCan will ask “What may I add to your list?” and you can tell say a bag of oatmeal or carrots. Easy peasy!

Final Thoughts

We have just scratched the surface of the multitude of smart appliances you can buy to make your kitchen more efficient.

Our society is moving towards an era of ultra-connectivity, to each other and to our devices. This now includes our homes as well.

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