With users now streaming 1 billion hours of content every week on Netflix, more people are trying to take the streaming from their computers to their TVs. If you’re one of the nearly billion subscribers worldwide, you’re probably thinking of doing the same. If you’ve got the space, DIY home theater projects can make take the whole experience up a notch.

Here are 5 home theater projects you could tackle before next week’s movie night.

1. Light the Aisles

If you really want to ensure that your home looks and feels like a movie theater, you should try to steal some of the classic design elements. One thing that always gives you the sense that you’re walking into a theater is seeing LED lights along the floor.

For under $100, you can get some inexpensive rope lights or a simple carpet extrusion to light your path when the lights are out. This is great if you have young kids or a partner who makes constant trips to the bathroom.

Integrate the lights with your smart home setup to make sure they turn on and off at the perfect moment.

2. Make the Wall Pop

One of the best space-saving tricks for a home theater is to get rid of screens altogether and just project onto a wall. The only trouble with that is whether the math between your wall and projector add up.

If they do, you can save valuable wall space and lower the amount of wiring you need to do. In order to get the best results, pick a reflective paint that’s made just for bouncing back a projection.

3. A DIY Video Rack

Having videos and discs just lying around is a great way to make sure they get scratched or that they carry dust into your player. Instead, think of clever ways to make a rack or a shelf.

Consider stacking up crates. They will stack easily and can add a touch of charm to your home. Add zip ties to the back to ensure they stay connected.

4. Never Lose the Remote Again

When it’s time to sit down for a movie, you can really ruin the mood by having to scramble for the remote. With everyone settled down on chairs and couches, you don’t need to be tearing up cushions and crawling around looking under tables for it.

Your best bet is to get a pocket sling that you can store your remotes with. For an extra layer of security, tie a piece of yarn to the remote and anchor it to your chair. It won’t be able to end up in the fridge or your kids’ toy box ever again.

5. Sound Is Key

Film professionals will tell you that even a bad image can still be tolerable if the sound quality is good. Poor-quality sound will ruin even the best-looking images.

Make sure you take the time to upgrade your audio setup beyond just what comes out of the TV or projector. Installing and wiring your own sound set up can be cheap and easy to do.

DIY Home Theater Projects Should Fit Your Style

It’s important that any DIY home theater projects you take on suits the space you live in. Having a home theater that doesn’t feel fun, comfortable, and very you won’t enhance your enjoyment. Make sure you inject some personality into it.

If you think you’d prefer to outfit your home with an outdoor home theater, check out our guide for setting one up.

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