One of the hottest trends in the housing market are smart homes. In fact, the smart home industry is projected to grow to 40 billion dollars by 2020.

The United States is leading the pack worldwide. America has the highest smart house penetration rate in the world, outranking both Japan and Germany.

One reason why is that homeowners are incorporating smart technology without sacrificing stylish themes. For example, you can complement a distressed farmhouse theme with the right mix of tech. Read on to explore 5 beautiful interior design ideas to keep your future smart home stylish.

1) Industrial-Style Interior Design Ideas

One of the hottest trends in interior design is the industrial-style look. This look is defined by open floor plans and high ceilings.

In many cases, there are lofts overlooking the first floor. The walls are brick or concrete and complemented by large, steel windows. Also, copper and metal piping is highlighted, rather than hidden behind sheetrock.

In addition, there are many industrial lighting fixtures to choose from. Lighting is the perfect area to mesh with smart tech.

You can incorporate lighting presets that are activated based on the situation. With a remote control, dim the industrial-style lighting for a romantic evening or change colors to support your favorite sports team.

2) Modern Style

The so-called modern style is always hot. This is because the definition of modern is always changing.

Modern interior designs are built on open floor plans and metal furniture. Also popular for modern designs are sleek, low-profile couches and colorful accents.

One of the best ways to show off a modern design is a home theater. This allows you to blend the best tech with cozy, modern furniture.

3) The Farmhouse Look Is Still Popular

The farmhouse look was launched on the backs of HGTV’s show Fixer Upper. Take a stroll through your local Target to see the emphasis on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia brand.

Just because you like the distressed, weathered look does not mean you cannot incorporate smart technology. For example, consider your home’s shades.

The farmhouse look often features woven wood or bamboo shades. With smart tech, you can automatically close your bamboo shades by remote control. This allows you to retain the farmhouse style while promoting smart tech at the same time.

4) Sustainable Designs

Climate change has put a premium on eco-friendly, sustainable home designs. The intent of sustainable interior designs is simply to reduce a home’s energy output.

This is the easiest interior design style to incorporate smart tech with. Using a home automation system, a wall-mounted display can control all electronic devices in the home.

Home automation is the best way to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. You can reduce energy output by automatically managing lighting and HVAC systems.

5) Minimalistic

Believe it or not, one of the biggest interior design trends is a minimalistic one. Look at the popularity of tiny homes for evidence.

Even tiny homes can be complemented with smart tech. The reason being is that smart tech saves space. A single display can control all of the electronics even in a tiny home.

Wrapping It Up

Fear not if you are concerned about implementing smart technology with the hottest interior design ideas. Regardless if you are going for a farmhouse or modern style, smart tech is always applicable.

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