Ever since the 1950s, we’ve dreamed of futuristic homes. The Jetsons promised us robot servants and automated kitchens. It’s no surprise that the future seemed vaguely underwhelming for the longest time. Finally, we are beginning to see some of these innovations, thanks to smart home design.

In recent years, there’s been a flood of consumer-grade products for smart homes. Certain products like the Nest Thermostat or Amazon Alexa are relatively commonplace, at this point. Smart wall sockets and remote-controlled LEDs are not as common but are becoming more prevalent in smart home design.

To help you make heads-or-tails of this quickly-emerging industry, here are five tips for creating the most luxurious smart home design.

Smart Home Design Tips

From deciding on an operating system to settling on a budget, these five tips will help you live in a sleek, streamlined futuristic home to meet your specific needs.

Decide On A System

Smart home design is projected to become a $41 billion industry by 2020. Every tech company wants their slice of that pie, so each passing year sees more smart home systems hit the market.

The main question you should ask yourself is how proprietary you want your smart home to be. Google, Apple, and Amazon all offer out-of-the-box solutions, but you’re tethered to their products and services. Other smart home systems are likely to be more open-source and customizable.

Contact A Professional

Think of setting up a smart home like installing the Internet, cable, and a home audio system all rolled into one. Yes, we could do all of those things, but would we want to?

The answer might be ‘Yes,’ but you should begin by consulting a design team to visualize your dream setup and what it might call for. That way you could decide if it were possible to DIY or if it would be more trouble than its worth.

Specify Your Controls

Not all smart home systems are created equal. No two customers are alike, either. To truly get the best deal and most use out of your smart home devices, deciding on your goals ahead of time will help you clarify your plan and decide what features you’ll need.

To help you decide, daydream about what features you’d like to be automated to truly enrich your life. You might just want to start with smart thermostats and lighting or you might settle on a more fully-automated home of the future.

Dream Big But Start Small

A smart home doesn’t need to be installed all at once. To begin, you might create a master list of dream features you’d like to implement in your automated house.

Once you’ve got the big picture in mind, you can break your smart home into smaller pieces that can be undertaken as time goes on.

Smart homes are no longer confined to the super rich or technologically advanced. At this point, home automation can be as simple as using your smartphone. Follow these tips, and you could be turning off the lights and turning on the furnace with a single word.

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