Why You Need a Pure 365 Air Purifier

If you read our last blog post you are probably aware of the great benefits of air purifiers. The question is, how do you know which air purifier is the right one for you? That is the question we will answer today. To recap, air purifiers are appliances designed to cleanse the air in your home and get rid of impurities including smoke, odor, dust and pet dander. Good air purifiers can lead to great health benefits such as the reduction of allergy attacks, asthma and other respiratory problems, and much more. Unfortunately however, not all air purifiers are as effective and as helpful as promised. The great news is, we have done lengthy research on different air purification devices, tried out the most popular and recommended brands, and have narrowed down to our one and only favorite air purifier, so you don’t have to!

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Introducing Pure365

Through our trial and error process of trying popular air purifier brands on the market today, we have decided that the Pure 365 Air Purifiers are by far the best because of their quality, health benefits, user friendliness, and much more. Pure365 has a clear and simple mantra. “Clean Air. Pure Water. Everyday.” Pure Wellness created Pure365 with a purpose of making homes healthy for families while also maintaining a focus in eliminating air pollution for future generations. The goal of their purifiers are to offer a complete reprieve from the outside world filled with dangerous chemicals, pollutants, toxins, and viruses. Due to the unprecedented year we have had with the intrusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more aware than ever before of how their environment can impact their well-being and their health and are now actively searching for solutions. Of course disinfecting your home, continuously washing your hands, and practicing social distancing are great ways to avoid this horrible virus, but investing in an air purifier from Pure365 will add an extra layer of safety and security in your home.

How Does it Work?

Pure365 Air Purification works because its air filtration solutions capture ultrafine particulars down to 0.007 microns which is about forty times smaller than what today’s most common HEPA standard which is 0.3 and it is about forty times smaller than the average size of a moving virus. HEPA standards are the amount of air that any air filter is required to move and it requires the filtration of 0.3 microns.This means that Pure365 filters move and filter microns that are forty times smaller than what is required! This particular air purification system form Pure365 has been so successful thus far that its purifiers have been deployed to hospitals in New York City and Wuhan, China to help minimize Covid-19 cases.

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All in all, it’s a great feeling to know your breathing in fresh and clean air. Why do you think the expression “I need to get some fresh air” is so popular? It invitogrates and calms the mind and body. Instead of stepping outside for fresh air, Pure365 allows you to hang inside for it. While you are in your home enjoying time with your loved ones, you can feel at ease knowing you are breathing in air that is free of toxic particles, environmental contaminants, and viruses.

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