How can you prepare for the most efficient smart home installation possible? We have spoken with Jeff Harris, founder of Hive, who has enlightened us on the best way to prepare your home for your smart home installation.

In addition to the above checklist, we should highlight some common-sense items that might not be too common. Before we come to install a smart home system, we would need to have all the furniture moved out of the area or at least covered, and items need to be cleared out of closets that will be home for the smart home hub, etc. 

We also need to have all the passwords present for your various smart accounts. These might include: 

Alexa, Amazon Prime, Apple ID, Pandora, Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Google Assist, WiFi Passwords, Nest, etc., etc.

What is the Swarm Meeting all about?

When we have our project kick-off meeting, we call it affectionately and appropriately a Swarm meeting. This means the client is present, the project manager, sometimes the sales or the lead technician can be present as well. The purpose of this meeting is to go through, step-by-step, the expectations of the client and what their project proposal and invoice shows on their work order and to review the scope of work. This is so that is a very clear expectation of what the client is expecting and what the salesman documented so that there is a very clear line between sales and production. Often, in custom integration, there can be a difference between what the client heard and what the salesman heard. There need to be clearly defined expectations, to make certain that we as a custom integrators can do an amazing job and satisfy the client 100 percent with no misunderstandings. 

This meeting is also the defining moment when sales can pass the baton to the project manager and the production team, and make certain that the project manager is the contact person with that client and the liaison between sales and production. This helps to clearly meet the client’s expectations, especially on the time frame of the work to be done. This is critical particularly when it comes to time and materials for the job, so that the client knows the actual hours of work in terms of numbers of hours, vs. the estimated hours for the job. This is a great time for the client to know exactly every individual who will be working on their job and understands each one’s role in the overall project. He will then know who to call for what, when it comes to installing a smart home device in their home. Clients will often have additional items or devices they want to add to their smart home, particularly after they see how efficiently their team is working on their project and keeping them updated regularly on the progress of their smart home project. 

This is a vital part of the process at Hive. 

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