Professional TV Installation: Why Should I Hire A Pro?

When you hear the word ‘installation' what do you think of? For some people, it can be a smart speaker or wireless access point. For others, they may think of a bathroom faucet or countertop installation. But how many people would think that installation means your TV?

Installing a TV seems like a simple DIY process but can quickly go awry during measurements, finding studs, or upgrading your TV to a smarter system. 

Upgrading your TV is one of the easiest ways to elevate your home. At Hive, a premier home automation company in Tampa Bay, we strive to help you improve your home entertainment. Our qualified technicians a professional and clean installation. 

In this article, we cover several reasons why you should have your TV professionally installed. 

Benefits of Hiring A Professional

When professionals are hired to do the installation process on your new TV, you can trust them to:

  • Make sure it is a clean installation. 
    • Technicians have tools that ensure a quick and clean installation. These tools include stud finders, impact drills, and levels among others. Hive technicians always arrive with all materials needed for a project. 
  • Hide all wires and clutter.
    • By hiring a professional, they'll ensure are wires and cables are correctly maintained. This can include hiding wiring or connecting the television to a larger, more complex smart home system.
  • Level the TV, mounting the product at an appropriate height. 
  • Ensure the installation is safe and secure by using the appropriate installation tools in your home.
    • Not all homes contain strong walls for mounting the heavy TV swing mounts. Hiring someone to find the proper and safe place to mount it is imperative to maintain the integrity of your walls.
  • Be quick, efficient, and clean.

Your time is important. Trust a technician to handle your installation and save you time from measuring, adjusting, and mounting your TV. 

Cons of Installing A TV Yourself

Installing a TV without professional help can quickly turn south. Depending on your setup and the house’s structure, some areas can be hard to access. For example, televisions mounted on fireplaces sit at specific levels to prevent interference with the ventilation and heat output

Other troubles you could encounter include,

  • Improperly leveled TVs
  • Accidental damages (ex. Scratches, dents, breakage.)
  • Complications with wiring

Hiring a professional saves you time and a headache when it comes to upgrading your entertainment space

How Much Does Installing A TV cost? 

The cost of a TV installation can vary depending on what components you wish to install. How complicated is the mount? Will the TV be above the fireplace? What other systems are you connecting to the TV? 

For a basic installation, one that requires installing a TV on drywall, most companies in the area will charge between $125 - $180 an hour. To get a quote from Hive, reach out through our contact us page or visit our budget calculator to estimate your smart home installation

Why Hire Hive For Your Professional TV Installation?

Hive specializes in home automation, connecting every smart device in your home to a single, easy-to-control hub. Using programs like Control4, you can experience the simplicity of controlling your thermostat, lights, television, and security from the palm of your hand. Experience technology made simple by using Hive for your smart home upgrade, no matter the complexity.

Hive is dedicated to quick and efficient installation. Hive technicians have handled a variety of installations during our 12 years of service. From outdoor patios to dedicated home theaters, there is no job too complicated for our skilled technicians. 

All Hive employees are expected to act professionally and with courtesy at all times. Check out how our technicians get ready to enter a home in our previous blog about our Smart Home Technicians.

Behind-the-scenes looks into installations and preparations are available on the Hive Youtube Channel

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