Illuminating Masterpieces: Smart Lighting Brilliance at Bula Barua Gallery, The Factory, St. Petersburg, FL

In the heart of The Factory, St. Petersburg, the Bula Barua Gallery stands as a testament to artistic brilliance. Hive embarked on a transformative project, harnessing the power of smart lighting to elevate the showcase of unique blown glass art on canvas. Dive into the seamless fusion of technology and artistry in this remarkable smart lighting project.


### **Project Overview:**


**Location:** Bula Barua Gallery, The Factory, St. Petersburg, FL


**Project Budget:** $50,000 - $75,000


**Client's Needs:** An artist renowned for fusing blown glass on canvas, our client sought a gallery that not only housed her masterpieces but showcased them with museum-quality lighting. Moving to a new gallery, the emphasis was on creating an ambiance where every stroke of art could be appreciated under the perfect light.


### **Smart Lighting for Artistry: A Symphony of Illumination**


**1. WAC Strut Lighting:** The backbone of this project lies in WAC Strut Lighting, a revolutionary system that seamlessly integrates many light fixtures with a magnetic track. This innovation allows for the easy switching of lights in and out, facilitating the effortless rearrangement of art. The gallery's curator can now curate the space with unparalleled ease.


**2. Customizable Light Fixtures:** Hive installed an array of light fixtures designed to change the beam spread of the lights. This level of customization ensures that every piece of art becomes a showcase, allowing the artist's blown glass creations to come alive under precisely tuned illumination.


### **Gallery Tour: A Virtual Stroll Through Brilliance**


Experience the brilliance of Bula Barua Gallery with our [TikTok gallery tour]( Immerse yourself in the ambiance, where every piece of art is meticulously illuminated to enhance its unique beauty.


### **Strut Lighting Demo: Effortless Elegance in Action**


Discover the simplicity and elegance of the WAC Strut Lighting system in this [TikTok demo]( See how the magnetic track facilitates the seamless movement and adjustment of lights, ensuring the perfect illumination for every exhibit.


### **Conclusion: Where Technology Meets Artistry**


In the Bula Barua Gallery, The Factory, St. Petersburg, Hive has created a symphony where technology harmonizes with artistic brilliance. The smart lighting system not only meets but exceeds the client's vision of a gallery that not only houses art but becomes an integral part of the artistic experience. Explore the future of lighting innovation at Bula Barua Gallery, where every stroke of genius is illuminated with the perfect light.

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