How to Make Your Smart Home Secure

If you read our most recent article, you are probably extremely aware of the many reasons to invest in a security system in 2021. To recap, security systems today will allow you to keep an eye on your elderly loved ones, your children and babies, be able to capture video footage of any crime, protect your smart home and personal assets, remotely monitor your home, and have a complete piece of mind. Today we’ll focus on the many different types of security systems and devices you can install to make your smart home safer than ever before.

6 Useful Security Devices

1. Outdoor Security Cameras

If you don’t already have a smart home system and are not ready to completely automate your home with a fancy security system, a wireless security camera is probably the best device for you. First off, the simple presence of a visible security camera is often enough in itself to ward off burglars. Additionally, you’ll be able to access and control your security camera from any location using a device like your smartphone. Being able to see the activity that takes place on your property will give you the peace of mind that we all need after this past crazy year. Also, if you’re not home when something takes place, you will have the security footage for insurance purposes.

2. Indoor Security Cameras

If your house is currently going through construction and you have contractors or even just service staff in your home often, indoor security cameras will be invaluable to you. First off, it can be a little scary trusting new people to come in and do work in your home. Secondly, having many people coming in and out on a daily basis makes it a lot easier for a burglar to make itself inside. All they need is a person to forget to lock that one side door one night and bam! Free entry to the nearest burglar. Additionally, many burglars tend to remove their mask or hood once they enter a home assuming he or she will be undetected. Being able to capture evidence on your camera will be the difference between bringing him to justice and allowing him to escape with a clean breakaway. Indoor security cameras also allow you to check in on your kids and pets from remote locations!
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The most basic and most successful security device to protect your home is a loud and shrill alarm that generally has the capability to scare any burglar away. Not only will you feel protected in your home knowing that an alarm will go off if anything goes wrong, but you’ll also get a notification on your phone alerting you. Also, with most devices today, you can set it so that if your alarm does go off, it will immediately call emergency services.

4. Floodlights and Security Lights

A dark garden in the middle of the night, providing plenty of time for a burglar to snoop around and figure out his best form of entry is a recipe for disaster! By adding security and floodlights to the outside to your home, you will be adding a weighted blanket of security. Ring currently has fantastic options for floodlights and security lights to add to your home. Another great benefit of having outdoor security lighting is that you don’t have to come home at night to a dark house. You can either set your lights up so that they can be remotely controlled through your smartphone, or you can have motion detection lights. Either way you won’t have to struggle to get through your front door late at night because your house will be lit up upon your arrival.

5. Motion for Doors and Windows

An important thing to know about motion detection is useful for way more than just activating your security lights. Firstly, motion detection is super easy to install. All you need is some tape and screws and you can easily attach motion detectors to your doors and windows. The way they work is through magnets that are attached to one side of the device and a piece of steel on the other. When the steel and magnet are separated, this creates a magnetic field which will cause a signal to be sent to your smart home hub which will notify you on your smartphone. Additionally, door sensors are useful in detecting when a door was left open and will notify you when this happens.
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6. Video Doorbell Cameras

Video doorbell cameras are one of the most popular security products on the market right now, and for very good reason. Video doorbell cameras allow you to be fully aware of the comings and goings of your front door no matter if you’re home in bed or out at dinner. You can even communicate with someone at your front door through two way communication and audio on your video doorbell! It’s important to keep in mind that home security is not only about just preventing burglaries. Let’s say your kids play in the front yard often, your video doorbell has capabilities of having a wide viewing angle so you can view your entire front yard and keep an eye out for your little ones. Moreover, you can enjoy the convenience of not having to get up every time someone knocks on your door, you can simply communicate with that person from your phone. Like most security devices today, video doorbells seamlessly combine security with convenience in one easy to install package.

There is so much more to smart home security, not to mention smart outlets, motorized blinds, and smart locks! We will continue to cover these awesome things. Stayed tuned as we will be introducing smart locks and how undeniably effective they are in providing both convenience and safety. When it comes to security, there are tons of devices available that will provide you with the peace of mind you need as we enter this new year!

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