How To Make Your Bathroom a Smart One

Smart technology is all around us. From our phones, to our cars, and in our homes. We love technology, it makes us feel happy, amused and honestly a little boujee at times. So why not incorporate awesome technology in a place we spend more time in than we’d like to admit… our bathrooms!? You’d be amazed how many incredible options and products there are on the market today that can completely elevate your typical bathroom experience.

Let’s start off talking about what a smart bathroom even is. A smart bathroom combines technology and functionality, and then in turn provides consumers with a super user-friendly and interactive daily experience. Some smart technology that can be incorporated in the bathroom may include smart lighting, wireless technology, touchscreen interface, digital controls, and voice controls. Smart bathrooms pair this high technology with faucets, toilets, mirrors, and showerheads. Today, we’ll give you some creative ideas in order to enhance your lifestyle, specifically your time spent in the best room in the house, your bathroom.

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  1. Smart Showers

If you’ve ever experienced being in the shower and the water being scalding hot one minute and then freezing cold the next, you know how bad it feels and thus it’s time to seriously consider getting a digital shower. I don’t know about you, but taking a warm long shower is one of life’s greatest pleasures so we may as well make it as luxurious and enjoyable as possible. Just imagine having red LED lights glowing on a dial in front of you giving you options on specific temperatures to set your water on. Or better yet, just use your voice to get the temperature right using voice controls, but we’ll get to that later. Also, you integrate your luxe rainshower head to your bluetooth, waterproof speaker and enjoy your favorite music for those 10-30 blissful minutes. Most models have reliable, thermostatic temperature control, come with built-in safety features, and with easy-to-use controls there’s no need for fine tuning or messing around with dials. Here’s the best part. With a smart shower, you can even programme your unique combination into the device including the flow, temperature and duration of your shower, guaranteeing you an invigorating experience, every shower time.

2. Voice Control Speakers

Smart/ voice assistant speakers, specifically the mighty trio of Amazon Alexa, Google Siri, and Google Assistant are currently taking the world by storm and are expected to be at over 2 billion users by the end of 2021! The great thing about using your virtual butler in the smart bathroom is that you won’t need any specific devices. You’ll be able to adjust smart lighting using an Echo device or take advantage of voice control to avoid getting your phone wet when you’re searching for music as you soak in the tub.

3. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

2021 is the year of the smart mirror.  If you’re sick of the mirror steaming up when you get out of the shower, when you’re shaving, or just because you’re looking at those pores a little too closely because you’re breathing on the glass… it’s time to get a smart mirror. You’ll be able to invest in models with demisters built in so you can avoid endlessly using your hand to get rid of that condensation. A fogless and design-led mirror will certainly complement a luxury bathroom but did you know that a smart bathroom version can offer much more too? Incorporating innovative new technology, some smart mirrors actually come with an audio facility and offer an impressive way to stay connected with built-in Bluetooth. Rumour also has it that with some of the newer models, you can even go online and check the weather report!

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4. Intellectual Faucets

Digital faucets carry the double advantage of conserving water in order to save money and energy while also making your bathroom routine more quick and convenient. With the reduced flow and automatic temperature control, you’ll use less water and require less power to heat it up while also saving yourself from fiddling around. Touchless technology much like you find in public restrooms is now readily available to slot into your smart home so the water or hot air comes on when your hands approach and shuts off when you remove them.

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If you’re looking for new ways to modernise your bathroom this year, we recommend seeking help from a smart home professional, specifically one who has had experience with smart bathrooms!

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