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How Your Smart Home Will Help You Lead a Sustainable Lifestyle

Throughout the last few decades, we’ve seen incredible change and improvements in technology and so much more across the globe. Unfortunately, many of the advancements in our world, especially ones spanning from the automotive industry, have caused polluting that is creating harmful effects to our environment. Luckily, it seems as though our environment is slowly beginning to be a greater priority in our world today, and together we can make a change that will benefit the future generations.

It’s easy to get flustered or discouraged when it comes to changing your daily lifestyle to be more eco-friendly because it really does take a lot of dedication, determination, and awareness. However, once you have this mindset, you’ll realize how easy living more sustainably can be and how big of a positive impact it will make. The first step is to examine your current lifestyle and notice areas where you think you can be more environmentally conscious. Once you identify these areas that need improving, you’ll be able to find solutions to reduce your waste production and energy consumption.  There are so many awesome resources and technology, specifically smart home technology, available today that will help you simplify your sustainable process. Let’s first go over the basics of smart home technology and how integrating them into your home will help you save energy.

The Basics of Smart Home Technology

It’s important to understand what smart home technology is before deciding to invest in a system or even a simple device. Smart home technology basically incorporates a bunch of different products that can all work together or separate to enhance people’s everyday lives in multiple ways. Many people can get flustered by the idea of the complexity of a smart home but the truth is, with a trustworthy company by your side and an easy connection to your home’s internet, the process is so easy.

Another misconception about smart home technology is that it is always expensive. The truth is, it can be, but it can also be super affordable depending on what devices and how many devices you are buying.  Whether you want to start off with one simple smart speaker, or invest in a full blown home automation system with all the gadgets, there are millions of options when it comes to choosing which devices are right for you, your lifestyle, family, and budget.

When it comes to sustainability, smart home technology can be super beneficial. Below are two simple ways to turn your home into a smart and more sustainable one.

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Smart Lighting

A super easy way to make a low-cost environmental impact is to simply change your bulbs from regular incandescent to LED bulbs. LED bulbs are smart and efficient, last long amounts of time, and are a lot better for the planet than your typical bulbs. This is because they simply use less energy than other bulbs which in turn slows down your waste production. Also, there are tons of home automation options when it comes to smart LED lights such as changing colors, creating lighting schemes, and setting your lights on a specific schedule so they naturally turn on and off at proper times throughout the day. Also, like most smart home products, you can control your lighting from your smartphone, even if you aren’t home. So let’s say you are arriving home at night, you can turn on your lights on your phone from your driveway and ensure you never walk into a dark house again!

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Smart Plugs

 Many people forget how important it is to invest in smart plugs when creating your dream smart home experience. Plugs waste a lot of energy throughout the day without you even noticing. With smart plugs, you can turn them on or off, or set them to a schedule just like your lights so they don’t use energy at unnecessary times. When you have smart plugs, you can run your coffee maker in the morning, fall asleep watching TV, and even leave your hair curler on, and you won’t have to worry about wasting energy or fire risks, because your smart plugs will turn off on their own.

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Smart Thermostats

Everyone needs a thermostat in their home, I don’t know how people ever went without them! But then again, I don’t know how I ever went without a smart thermostat! Smart thermostats are relatively simple, but they can yield huge benefits to your wallet and the environment. Smart thermostats have the same purpose of regular thermostats, but they are special in that they have greater control and remote access. When you have a smart thermostat, you can control it from anywhere. So let’s say you ran out of your house and you’re going to be out all day and forgot to turn your thermostat down in order to save energy, you can simply do it from your phone! You can also set your thermostat on a schedule so it’s the temperature you like in the day time and the specific other temperature you like at night!

As time goes on and we continue to evolve and develop greater technologies, it’s important to keep the planet and our environments in mind to prevent more pollution and danger for the years to come. Using these systems will benefit you in many ways and saving energy is just one of them!


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