Your home theater should be your happy place, the place where you can go to escape the rest of the world and watch some of your favorite films.

But it’s not enough to just have a giant screen in your basement. Your home theater furniture is what makes the entire experience special.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect entertainment experience in your home:

Use Interior Decorating Smarts

Take a look at your home theater space. What is it missing? Make a list of all the furniture you think you’re going to need.

When you’re choosing your home theater furniture, make sure that it matches the decor of the rest of the room. Be aware of clashing colors, and make sure you have spatial awareness when you are setting up the home theater furniture. No one likes being cramped at the movie theater and the same is true for your own space!

You have to be able to feel comfortable in your home theater, and if your furniture is haphazardly arranged, it will subconsciously stress you out.


Your home theater should be the most relaxing room in your entire house. You should be able to come home from work, sit in a comfortable chair, lay back, and watch whatever you want.

That’s where recliners come in. Reclining chairs are essential to your home theater experience because they provide maximum flexibility.

If you have the means, you should consider purchasing massaging recliners that can further enhance your relaxing home theater experience.

Built-in Speakers

One of the best ways to ensure your home theater experience is fully immersive is to purchase chairs or couches that have speakers built into them.

You can connect these speakers to your surround sound system through careful wiring or bluetooth. This is definitely an example of technology you don’t know you need until you actually experience it.

The major benefit to seats with built-in speakers is that a lot of them have individual volume control settings. So if the movie is too quiet for you, you can turn it up without bothering the person next to you.

Stadium Seating

Perhaps the most underrated of all home theater design decisions, stadium seating can transform your entertainment room into a bonafide film palace.

With stadium seating, the seats are arranged in a stacked fashion by row, so there is no possible way anyone can be blocked by the row in front of them.

Many movie theaters employ this technique to organize their seating. It completely changes the home theater experience into something that you and your family will continuously marvel at.

Snack Tables

Of course, no home theater is complete without a spot to keep your snacks! If you don’t have a bar or kitchen in your home theater room, consider purchasing a table or stand with enough compartments to stow away the goodies.

You can have a real concession stand built in the room, making the movie experience even more authentic.

Find the Perfect Home Theater Furniture

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