Everything you Need to Know about Voice Control

There are thousands of reasons why Control4 is a leading global provider of home automation, and why it is our favorite smart home system. Not only does Control4 integrate with more than 13,000 devices, but is more advanced and customizable than ever before. However, there are times that one-touch control of your home can be kind of inconvenient. For example, if it's dark out and the lights are off or if you’re walking in your home with your hands full of groceries; the last thing you need is to be stumbling and struggling through the dark to reach your Control4 panel to get all your lights on in your home.This is just one of the many reasons we recommend that anyone who wants a truly smart-home should have a voice-control device.

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Voice control devices which are majority of the time, smart speakers, usually become the focal point of every automated home. Smart speakers give you control over every one of your devices while also making them ridiculously easy to use. A lot of times when people hear the words “voice control” they tend to think about the Amazon Alexa device, and they are not wrong. Amazon Alexa was one of the first voice control speakers that got extremely popular, but from our experience, we’ve learned that it’s main competitor the Google Assistant is a much better device. Firstly, it is important to explain that both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are the software systems that allow one to listen to music, use voice control, check the weather, and so much more. While, Amazon Echo and Google Home are the physical speakers that people use to activate the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant software. Both voice control devices are extremely impressive and capable of working with your Smart Home System, but through our experience we’ve found that Google Home is the superior choice.

What Google Home Can Do for You:

1. It can identify voices. Talk about smart speakers, the google Home can actually know who is talking and can customize answers depending on the voice.

2. Amazing sound quality. The Google Home is known for its excellent sound quality.

3. You can control your TV through it. You can simply use your voice with Google Home
and Youtube, Netflix, and more will play on your TV!

4. It answers your questions quickly and brilliantly. Our favorite function of the Google
Home is how great it is at answering questions.The device has Google’s Knowledge
Graph which is a system that contains millions of facts. With Amazon Alexa, you often get answers like “I am sorry I do not have that information” while Google Home seems to
always have a perfect answer.

5. Hand- free everything. All you need is a voice and your Google Home will handle the
rest. Some things include, calling your friends, changing music, hearing the weather, being told what is on your calendar for the next day, and even being walked through a recipe while cooking!

The things you can do with smart devices, specifically voice control devices are honestly
endless and we believe the Google Home speaker is the perfect device for everyone.

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