Technology is quickly making the “house of the future” a reality. By the end of the year, an estimated 45 million smart home devices will be up and running in United States homes.

These modern devices can improve everything from safety to convenience for homeowners.

But with so much mind-blowing technology out there, it might be hard to nail down the best home automation ideas. We’ve got you covered. Here are five cool home automation projects to meet the needs of every homeowner.

Five Cool Home Automation Projects

Most homeowners who upgrade their house’s technology say they are happy with the choice. Some surveys have found more than 90 percent of smart-home owners would recommend tech upgrades to others.

We agree.

These new home automation ideas can boost home value and change the way homeowners live.

1) Shine Some Light on Smart Illumination

With lighting apps like If This Then That, or ITTT, a home can light up to make life easier. For instance, the homeowner can program lights to flash when an important email hits an inbox or when the oven timer goes off.

There are also options to kick on the lights on a schedule. This is great for anyone who needs to get up early or ward off intruders during a vacation.

2) Control a Home’s Comfort

Voice assistance technology, like Alexa or Siri, are expected to hit nearly 2 billion users by 2021. In a home, it can be used to control things like house fans or a thermostat.

Smart temperature control can also save on efficiency by letting the users control heating when they aren’t at home. Systems can even be set up to be turned up or down based on the weather outside.

3) Keep Homes Safe and Secure with Smart Systems

We’ve all hit the road only to be struck with that feeling that something was left on. Now, homeowners can shrug off the concern with things like smart garages.

The user can close a garage door that was left open or set up instructions to automatically lock a door.

There are also options to arm security cameras or pull up video surveillance with voice commands.

4) Manage Homes, Even on Holidays Away

Several cool home automation projects center around controlling a house when owners are away.

SmartThings motion sensors or ITTT technology can alert parents when their kids come in or leave the house. Motion tracking can also be set up to tell cameras to pan around the whole room of a home.

And lights can be set to blink when there is motion, which could be a good deterrent for burglars.

5) Kick up a Home’s Livability

With SmartThings devices, homeowners can kickstart all kinds of cozy conveniences as soon as they step in the door. A system can trigger things like the coffeemaker, speakers, and lights to flip on as soon as a door is unlocked.

There are also ways to get tea boiling from another room through a WeMo outlet or to receive alerts when the laundry is done.

Flip the Switch on More Innovation

These cool home automation projects are just the start. There are countless ways to turn a simple home into a modern marvel.

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