In 2016, there were about 15 million smart homes in the United States. Even though this represents just 12.5 percent of homes in the country, the number is forecast to hit 33.6 million (28 percent) by 2021, powering the industry’s market size to the north of $40 billion.

Numbers don’t lie. If you’re yet to join in on the smart home revolution, you’re missing out on a range of benefits.

Keep reading to learn why the modern homeowner is betting big on climate control solutions, and reaping the rewards.

Lower Energy Consumption

Every month, the average American spends about $112 on electricity. Over an entire year, the amount clocks in at just over $1,300.

If you frown every time you receive your energy bill, you’re no doubt taking measures to reduce your consumption. You’ve probably resorted to foolproof methods, like unplugging electronic devices and switching on the lights when absolutely necessary.

But why do the hard work when you can get even better results with a smart climate control system?

Smart thermostats will take over tasks such as turning off the air conditioning when no one is in certain rooms or at home and maintaining appropriate temperatures when the family is home.

Greater Home Value

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home, you want it to keep increasing in value. Several years down the road, you may want to take a home equity loan.

Any realtor will tell you the best way to ramp up your home’s value is to install an outdoor kitchen, build a custom pool and whatnot, but times are changing.

Today, buyers – especially millennials – want a connected home above anything else. The modern homeowner wants to experience the joys of a smart home. In the cold of winter, for instance, they want to tap their smartphones and turn up the heat in the bedroom before retiring to bed.

This, coupled with the energy-saving abilities of smart home technologies, make smart homes more valuable to their owners, and even more attractive to potential buyers.

Lower Carbon Footprint

From 1997 through 2017, gas emissions in the U.S. increased 7 percent.

This is bad news for the planet, as well as to the vast majority of Americans who believe the effects of climate change are already happening.

There are many things you can do to lower your carbon footprint, including investing in smart climate control technology. These devices give you greater control over your energy consumption, meaning you can keep it as low as possible. The lesser the electricity needed to power American homes, the less the electric power plants will need to produce. Gradually, this will reduce emissions.

Embrace Modern Homeownership and Invest in Smart Climate Control

Having a connected home is much more than a comfortable lifestyle. Smart climate control systems will save you money, increase your home’s value and boost your green living efforts.

Ready to join the smart home revolution?

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