What To Expect When Working With A Smart Home Professional


If you’ve ever been through the process, you know that when transforming your house or office into a smart home, it is crucial to work with a company that has years of experience, training, and professionalism. By hiring a professional home automation integrator, you will not only save time and money, but also tons of stress and headaches.

Before hiring a company, we seriously recommend doing some basic research. Not only should you be reading articles, reviews, and testimonials online, but also ask friends and family for referrals. Once you’ve found between 1 to 3 potential companies, reach out to them and take your time explaining what you’re looking for and hearing their options. Once you’ve met with a few people you’ll find one company who you’re comfortable with and then the fun will start!


The Process

The first part of the process is getting an appointment with a smart home integrator so they can learn more about your lifestyle and wants and needs with your smart home project. Many companies will send out an experienced consultant to your home, especially if you already have certain smart home installations. This will also give them a better feel of the space they’ll be working in. If you are completely new to the idea of smart home technology, it may be best to go to the company’s show-room. This way the consultant can physically show you how home automation works and how everything from your cameras, TV’s, speakers, and lighting works together and is made easy to control by its users.  Budget will also be an extremely important aspect of your initial conversations as you begin to discover how small or big your home automation project will be.

Once your consultant has all of the information they need, they’ll begin to create a detailed plan that aligns your budget with your project goals while also giving suggestions of specific products along the way. During the process it’s important to ask questions and speak your mind to ensure you and the project lead are on the same page. And remember, every single smart home system is different and completely customizable so if you have an idea or a specific project in mind, don’t hesitate voicing your vision. Once all of your decisions have been made, you will be provided with a complete scope of work that reiterates everything you agreed upon. This is basically a step by step explanation of all of your parts and products and how they will work together to eventually bring your smart home to life.

The next step is getting on the schedule for the company’s programmer and/or technicians to come out and begin the installation. Once the installation is completed, a smart home professional will walk through your home with you and teach you how to use your smart home products and show you all of it’s awesome capabilities. Now is a great time to ask any questions and iron out any confusion you may have with your new system.


Continued Relationship

We definitely recommend going with a smart home company that will offer you a service contract and provides immediate assistance with any questions or concerns you may have down the line. It’s sort of an unspoken rule that the friendlier and most loyal clients are the ones that receive the best and quickest service, so make sure to stay close and comfortable with your smart home company. This way, you can quickly add and build to your home as technology changes and evolves.


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