Too soon, the hot days of summer will fade from memory and cool evenings in front of the fireplace will be a welcome respite. As a homeowner, you might be tempted to incorporate an outdoor fireplace or fire pit into your backyard. And you’re not alone; a survey of the American Society of Landscape Architects revealed that outdoor fireplaces are the number one trend for outdoor spaces in 2016.

A New Spot to Gather

Fireplaces used to be the most popular spot in the house (for obvious reasons). As indoor heating eventually became more ubiquitous, the fireplace slowly faded from floor plans. However, many homeowners are looking to recapture that gathering place. As as result, new outdoor fireplace trends are becoming exceedingly popular. Let’s examine some of the most common elements:

Smokeless Fire Pits are considered safer than an open fire. A fire pit reduces the risk of flying embers and reduces the chance for accidental smoke inhalation.

Gas and electric-powered fireplaces come in a variety of designs. They often provide multi-colored, realistic looking flames, making them very popular with homeowners.

Adding Value to Your Space

As with other outdoor enhancements, the outdoor fireplace trend adds value to your home. It also expands on the amount of living space and allows you to enjoy your property even when the temperature drops. Additionally, an outdoor fireplace is a welcome and usable enhancement to your yard.

Endless Design Options

Depending on the available space, your design aesthetic, and any limitations by town or city ordinances, you can customize an outdoor fireplace in a variety of ways. Adding one under an arbor or vaulted ceiling creates the illusion of an extra room; placing one near an outdoor kitchen gives the space a dual purpose and is perfect for entertaining. The best thing about outdoor fireplace trends is that they can truly reflect you and your family’s needs.

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