Redefining Waterfront Luxury: Hive's Exquisite Smart Home Transformation in Boca Ciega Bay, St. Petersburg, Florida

In the exclusive enclave of Boca Ciega Bay, St. Petersburg, Florida, where waterfront elegance meets the latest in home automation, Hive recently unveiled a groundbreaking project that transcends traditional living. With a project budget ranging from $200,000 to $250,000, our team took on the challenge of creating a fully automated residence, harmonizing cutting-edge technology with the sophisticated design of a meticulously renovated waterfront home.

### Client's Vision and Exquisite Requirements

The visionary homeowners acquired a stunning waterfront property, embarking on a comprehensive renovation to bring it up to contemporary standards. Envisioning a luxurious smart home that seamlessly wove technology into the fabric of their daily lives, they sought out Hive through their interior designer. The goal was clear: a fully automated home that not only embraced the latest in smart technology but also elevated the overall design aesthetic.

### A Glimpse into the Client's Needs

The family's needs were diverse yet specific. They desired a residence capable of being controlled from anywhere globally, emphasizing a fusion of technology and design that did not compromise the aesthetic appeal of their home. The centerpiece was to be a state-of-the-art bonus room, dedicated to the big game, movie nights, gaming, and music.

### The Comprehensive Hive Solution

**1. Whole Home Automation Elegance**

Hive meticulously installed a comprehensive home automation system, seamlessly integrating Control 4 smart home technology into 17 rooms. The centralized smart home rack system ensures effortless control and monitoring of various devices from anywhere in the world.

**2. Captivating Outdoor Entertainment**

The picturesque setting of Boca Ciega Bay demanded an equally impressive outdoor entertainment space. Hive delivered with Klipsch landscape speakers and Stealth Acoustics Stingray outdoor speakers, creating an immersive experience overlooking the bay.

**3. Fortified Security and Surveillance**

Enhancing the family's sense of security, Hive implemented a comprehensive security solution. This included an alarm system, a full surveillance camera system featuring a video doorbell, smart door locks on all exterior doors, and intelligent garage door control.

**4. Smart Lighting and Shade Mastery**

Balancing technology and design seamlessly, Hive incorporated Control 4 smart light switches for full lighting control. This not only illuminated the home but also facilitated automated shading and programmed scenes tailored to different rooms.

**5. Motorized Screen Shades Elegance**

The entire home was adorned with motorized screen shades from Screen Innovations, blending sophistication with practicality. These shades not only added an extra layer of elegance but also granted the family effortless control over natural light.

### Extravagant Entertainment Space

The upper level of the home was transformed into an entertainment haven. The bar area, featuring a colossal [98-inch Sony TV and JBL Synthesis speakers](, offers a cinematic experience. The game room, showcased in [this video](, caters to the family's love for gaming and entertainment.

**Motorized Shade Symphony:** [Watch the motorized shades dance to perfection](, seamlessly integrating technology with the panoramic views of Boca Ciega Bay.

### Testimonial: Voices of Delight

Curious to hear what the homeowners have to say about their Hive experience? Immerse yourself in their testimonial [here](

In conclusion, the Boca Ciega Bay smart home automation project stands as a masterpiece of technological artistry and design ingenuity. Hive is proud to have delivered a fully automated, luxurious living space that not only met but exceeded our client's exacting standards. Step into the future of living, where every element is at your command, making life simpler, smarter, and endlessly enjoyable.

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Check out the client testimonial.

Location: Boca Ciega bay, St. petersburg FL

Project budget: $200,000 to $250,000

Clients needs: The client bought a luxurious waterfront home for their family to vacation and visit together and did a full renovation of the home to bring it up to current standards. With that, they wanted a fully automated smart home that could be controlled from anywhere in the world. Originally we were brought in by the client's interior designer, with the goal of having a fully automated home filled with technology but focused on design, meaning they did not want technology to overweigh the design throughout the home, they wanted it to complement it. They also wanted a very cool state of the art bonus room centered around the big game, movie nights and playing games and listening to music.

What we installed: This was a full home automation project in Boca Ciega bay St. Petersburg. We installed an array of Products in 17 rooms of this home including. Whole home prewire for all video, sound, and shades, Control 4 smart home automation, Centralized smart home rack system, Tv’s in almost every room,, outdoor entertainment space overlooking Boca Ciega Bay including Klipsch landscape speakers, Stealth acoustics stingray outdoor speakers, Smart sprinkler control. Then we added a sense of Security by adding An alarm system, a full Surveillance camera system including video doorbell, Smart door locks on all exterior doors, and smart garage door control. In Addition to this, because of the size and amount of devices that were going to be used we installed Wireless access points throughout the home to ensure prefect wifi coverage throughout the home as well as an upgraded router. The home needed full lighting control which we accomplished by using control 4 smart light switches throughout, which also accomplished the task of shade controls and programming of automated scenes in those rooms.

The client also opted to have the entire home loaded with motorized screen shades from Screen innovations.

Upstairs we have the entertainment space which includes a bar, game room and seating area. The client wanted movie theater sound and so we chose JBL Synthesis speakers and a new 98 inch sony Tv. Check out the entertainment space videos below.

Bar area-

Game room-

Motorized shades-

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