Installing a hot tub or spa in your home or backyard can quickly become the best decision you ever make. Of course, outdoor spas benefits include the added resale value to your home; but they also provide a range of healthy benefits for you and your family. Below we’ll examine the top five benefits of having an outdoor hot tub or spa in your backyard.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Outdoor Hot Tubs And Spas In Your Own Backyard

1) Rest and Relaxation

The use of warm water as an effective treatment for relaxation is well-documented and frankly common sense. Soaking in a hot tub increases blood flow and alleviates muscle tension. It also releases endorphins which are the good hormones that make you feel relaxed.

2) Arthritis Relief

An estimated 43 million Americans suffer from some type of arthritis pain. The Arthritis Foundation has advised that soaking in a hot tub can keep joints moving, lessening joint stiffness. In addition, the added buoyancy of the water helps to prevent adding more stress to joints.

3) Better Sleep

According to the National Institute of Health, insomnia is something that more than 70 million Americans suffer from. Soaking in a hot tub two to three hours before bedtime can help reset your body’s thermostat and provide a more restful sleep.

4) Reset and Recovery

For athletes or just really active people, it’s important to allow your muscles to recover after a certain amount of exertion. Your muscles generate lactic acid during strenuous exercise. By soaking in a hot tub, you will increase your circulation, moving the lactic acid through your system and reducing soreness the next day.

5) Keeps the Joints Active

Many people suffer from some type of muscle or joint pain – it seems knees and backs are the top two culprits. The healing benefits of an outdoor spa can have far-reaching effects. In fact, for those who had knee replacement surgery, recovery time has proven to be quicker for those who soak in a hot tub versus those who don’t.

As you can see, outdoor spas benefits are many. For more information about outdoor spas and hot tubs and the possibility of installing one in your own backyard, please contact Hive for a free consultation today.

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