Are you looking for new and better ways to improve your home? Have you considered how you can do so just by focusing on your windows? Many homeowners are known to replace window treatments every 7 to 8 years. The same goes for blinds or shades. You want your home to look and function its best whether it for entertainment purposes of you just want to stay comfortable. There are many benefits to having your window shades replaced and upgraded. One of the main benefits is reducing your energy costs. Another is being able to fully personalize how window shades are used. Ultimately you want to get automated shades that allow you to monitor your space while looking immaculate.

Purchase Window Shades Catered Specifically to Your Home

It stands to reason that the comfort of your home is a top priority. Having window shades installed that gives you control with the push of a button is ideal. Smart blinds and automated window shades give you the reliability, convenience, and aesthetics you have always wanted with the perk of being combined with other smart home technologies. Being able to add one more element to your home automation is a very satisfying experience.

The Perks of Smart Window Shades

Do you want to strike the perfect ambiance? What about letting more natural light into your home easily? Using shade controls gives you the ability to use natural light exactly how you want to use it. When you invest in shades that are automated via smart technology, you are assured 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to home automation. Having shades that are very easy to control also gives you the added benefit of being able to save money on energy costs. Per, shades lower any heating loss up to 40% which saves you up to 20% on energy bills.

Window shades also give an extra measure of security. Life tends to be busy. You’ve just packed up and are heading out for a trip, did you remember to close your shades? Details like this are easy to overlook. When you have automated window shades such problems can be resolved immediately by using your Smartphone to close any shades you want whether you’re on the road or you’ve reached your destination.

Is Anyone Home?

Being able to control your shades with your Smartphone gives the appearance you are home whether you are or not. Ask about home automation systems that give you the ability to use home lights in conjunction with your shades. Then you will have more options open to you that keep people guessing regarding whether you are home or away. It’s just another added security level that gives the appearance of someone being in your home when you can’t be there.

Home automation, in regards to window shades, is ultimately for your safety, comfort, and convenience. Ask installers how you can use shade controls via your Smartphone or remotes so your home is 100% personalized concerning how you prefer to let light in or have more privacy. Making your home look attractive is a cost-effective, energy-conserving, and environmentally friendly process that is affordable and easy when you work closely with companies ready to help fully automate your home.

Smart homes are becoming more popular, which means you may need the solutions for home automation Tampa residents rely on. But according to a 2016 Houzz survey, only 2% of newly renovated homes utilize smart blinds and curtains. Window automation is one of the many features that a smart home can provide -- and it's also one of the most beneficial. Today, you will find smart home technologies in Tampa FL that offer automated window treatments. To get more from automated window shades, you can even integrate your windows with your home lighting system.

A Tampa light company will help you find the most innovative ways to integrate lights with your window coverings. Your window shades can automatically adjust to let in more or less light, depending on the room temperature or how much light you need at different times of the day. When you install the best automated shades Tampa has to offer, you'll have more control over the light coming through the windows. You can simply adjust the light settings by using a remote control or by using your smartphone. A good Tampa light company will utilize more advanced technologies to make sure your home lighting system complements your automated windows.

Below, you'll find even more benefits of automated window shades.

1. Convenient Use

When you search for options involving home automation Tampa homeowners count on, you'll find systems that involve remote controlled blinds and shades. From where you sit in your house, you can control your window coverings with the touch of a button. The convenience offered by automated shades Tampa companies can provide will make your life much easier. This makes them suitable for use in homes of senior citizens who have limited mobility because of old age or disabilities, as well. No matter your circumstances, you can enjoy the convenience offered by these products.

2. Increased Home Security

When you are not at home, you can program your windows to open and normally close just like they do when you are around. In case someone is planning a break-in, the window movements may deter them. Additionally, you can choose translucent window shades, which makes it impossible for outsiders to peer inside. This boosts not only your security but privacy, too. You can also choose to integrate automated window accessories with your security cameras to keep tabs on potential intruders. If an attempt is made, an alarm will be triggered and the criminal act will be thwarted. However, even if you have no home security system, automated window shades can allow you to make your home safer.

3. Improved Home Aesthetics

There are many different colors, designs, and textures of window shades that you can choose to use in your home. With all these diverse options, you can choose the designs that work best for your house and also add to the interior and exterior aesthetics of your house. Interior designers of smart homes often have a field day with the various window shades designs on display. You should plan to see the amazing effect that some futuristic window shades have on smart homes.

4. Increased Property Value

For most modern homebuyers, smart homes are the way to go. Your home may not be entirely smart, but having automated windows from a Tampa light company is a big plus and will increase the value of your house. If you plan to sell your home down the line, smart features are in high demand. By installing automated windows and other smart home features, you'll be able to fetch a higher price once it's listed on the market.

Consider integrating your automated windows with the lighting system of your house for optimal smart home results. The lighting companies Tampa FL residents count on are best suited to help you integrate automated window shades and secure lighting systems. Automated window shades from a Tampa light company will give your smart home an elegant look while providing more utility and functionality. For more information, please contact us today.

Whether you're thinking of moving or plan to remain in your home for the foreseeable future, you may be interested in increasing the value of your property whenever possible. Of course, there are a number of steps you can take to do so. You could spruce up your front yard or add more green space, for example. Since nearly 70% of households have an outdoor living area, this is a highly desirable feature for many would-be homeowners. Alternatively, you could remodel the kitchen or perform some bathroom upgrades to benefit from a high ROI.

But it may not be necessary to deal with major renovations (and lifestyle disruptions) just to add value to your home. In fact, small home upgrades can often make a big impact. That's definitely the case with automated window shades.

Automated window shades are an attractive feature and are a welcome alternative to manually operated window treatments. They can instantly make any room more visually appealing, which can ultimately have a huge effect on how prospective buyers will feel about your home. These shade controls can instantly make a space seem more sophisticated and luxurious, which can help to support a higher price point for your property.

Just as important as visual appeal are safety and security -- and automated window shades provide both. Whether a parent is concerned about the health and well-being of their child or a single buyer wants to maintain their privacy, these automated shades can provide the benefits they seek. These window treatments can protect your home from people outside and can protect your loved ones inside at the same time. Those security measures may be a top priority for buyers, so these window features could tip the scales in your favor.

Of course, automated window shades and other technologies from your home automation company can also promote greater connectivity and eco-friendliness. Homebuyers see smart technology as being highly desirable -- and green home features are a major plus. Since these shades are easy to program and even easier to use, this impressive addition can make buyers more likely to be interested in your property. And since they can eliminate unnecessary energy waste, they'll actually help prospective owners save more money over time (all while allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint).

It's never been easier to make lighting adjustments, reduce energy use, and promote the safety of everyone in your household. Best of all, all of this can be accomplished with technologically advanced window shades that will make your home look even more beautiful. Whether you want to enjoy your window shades yourself or you're looking to make some simple but effective upgrades before listing your home on the market, we're here to help. Contact us today for additional information.

There's no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the way we interact with the world and each other. With non-essential businesses and schools closed for the foreseeable future and millions of Americans staying home to flatten the curve, life looks a whole lot different than it did a couple of months ago.

Fortunately, technology has allowed us to stay connected. It's thanks to technology that you're able to work remotely, secure ongoing education for your children, or keep in contact with friends and loved ones outside of your own household. You can also rely on technology to make your quarantine a whole lot more comfortable. That's especially true if you had the foresight to install smart home technologies. Let's take a closer look at how some of the most popular smart home technology allows you to get the most out of sheltering in place during these uncertain times.

Automated Lighting and Shade Controls Help Maintain Your Routine

Not being able to follow your regular routine can be jarring, to say the least. Even if you're continuing to work from home, it's probable that the days will start to blend together. Your changing schedule may make you feel out of sorts, but smart home automation can make everything seem a bit more normal.

By using automated lighting and shade controls, you can program your home to adjust at specific times without having to remember a thing. This can help your family stay on track when other signals no longer exist. Whether you want to keep your consistent sleep schedule or you want to give yourself enough time to get ready in the morning, lighting and shade controls can restore a sense of conventionality.

Home Security Cameras Improve the Contactless Delivery Experience

Home security systems are a great investment as-is. But now that you're home all the time, you might think you're not getting much use out of your security cameras.

However, this system can make contactless delivery go a lot more smoothly. You'll know instantly when your takeout is left by your front door or when an essential package is delivered on your porch. This will ensure you're able to get your groceries promptly or that you can retrieve a gift left by a family member right away. Keep in mind that this can also protect your family and possessions during an uncertain time. Crime may occur as more people are laid off from work or are struggling financially, so your security system can ensure nothing is stolen before you're able to safely open the door.

Smart Home Theater Systems Make Binge-Watching a Real Event

Recent statistics show that users streamed 1 billion hours of content every week on Netflix. With so many people staying home and relying on digital entertainment, that number has almost certainly skyrocketed. But instead of watching binge-worthy shows on a small computer screen or tiny TV, you can enjoy them as part of your home theater system.

Your in-home entertainment system can make every night an exciting event. Whether you're wrapping up a gripping wild animal documentary or you're revisiting a classic rom-com for the hundredth time, there's no better way to watch your favorite series, films, live concerts, and viral YouTube videos than on an impressive home theatre setup. You'll benefit from surround sound, custom lighting and shade controls, and stress-free operation that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, you'll get to enjoy whatever snacks you want without the movie theater prices! This is a truly enjoyable way to shelter in place.

It will certainly take us a while to adjust to this new way of life -- and we hope we'll be able to go back to normal sooner rather than later. But in the meantime (and beyond), smart home automation can make it much easier to self-isolate with your family.

For those of you who live in Tampa, Florida, sun and heat can be a good and a bad thing. Sun and heat are great for beach days, sitting on your patio, or taking an evening stroll. However, sun and heat can also warm up your home, raise your utility bill, and fade your furniture. But now you can add multiple features to make your home “smarter,” which can eliminate those problems and others. Here’s the features you’ll want and why you’ll want them in your Florida home.

Home Automation Tampa

A home automation system can give you the ability to remotely control everything in your home through your phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll need a good internet connection, but then the sky’s the limit. If you’ve forgotten to close the garage or lock the front door, you don’t have to rush back home or call a neighbor—you can close or lock them from your phone. You can also use your smart device to turn lights on and off, adjust the thermostat, or even brew a pot of coffee without getting out of bed.

Automated Window Shades Tampa

Automated window shades Tampa can save you time and money. Rather than walking around your home to open or close all the window coverings, you can do it with the click of a button or your phone. You can lower the cost of your utility bill and save your furniture (and your skin) by blocking sun, heat, and UV rays. Installing automated window shades Tampa are also more and more common. A 2016 Houzz survey found that 2% of newly renovated homes opt for smart blinds or shades.

Home Security Cameras Tampa

Home security cameras can give you peace of mind, especially when you’re away from your Florida home. You can see who’s on your property or if someone is trying to break in. You can even check on your pets or the babysitter with security cameras. If something isn’t right, you can use your phone to turn on the lights to scare off a burglar, set off an alarm, or contact the police.

Automated Lighting

A Tampa light company can give you automated lighting that’s also controlled by the touch of a button or a smart device. Customize your lighting for cooking in the kitchen, reading in the den, or watching television in your home theater. You can even have presets to dim or brighten your lights automatically at a certain time each day.

If you haven’t embraced technology in your everyday life yet, now may be the time to try it. A home automation system, automated window shades, home security cameras, and automated lighting are just some of the smart features that homeowners are using to make their lives simpler, safer, and more cost efficient.