Top Five Wireless Home Theater Systems of 2017

There’s nothing like that big, cinema sound.

The sort of sound that makes you feel like you’re right on the beach at Normandy or that a Star Destroyer is going right over your head.

Home theater systems allow you to recapture the movie theater experience in the comfort of your own home. But hiding all those wires can be a pain.

Luckily, there are a number of great wireless home theater systems that offer the same great performance without the hassle of wires.

Here are our top five picks.

1. Klipsch Stream

Klipsch is the name in high-end audio. So it’s no surprise that their Stream line is the best sounding wireless home theater system on the market.

The Klipsch Stream connects through your home’s wi-fi, which makes setting up a 5.1 system easy. You can add as many speakers as you want and stream your favorite music through your house.

2. Sony Blu Ray Home Theater

Sony is one of the most recognizable names in consumer electronics–and with good reason. Their products are top-of-the-line and reliable, without carrying a high price tag.

This all-in-one Blu Ray player and home theater system offers excellent HD picture with hi-fidelity sound.

You can also connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and browse all of your pictures and videos on the big screen.

3. Paradigm SHIFT

Paradigm is a relative newcomer to home theater. But their performance easily stands toe-to-toe with the more reputed brands.

Their SHIFT series features some of the best wireless powered speakers on the market. You can go for a classic 5.1 system, or mix and match speakers to create a custom soundfield of your own.

4. Bose Acoustimass 10

The name Bose is synonymous with high-performance audio. Their speakers and headphones are second to none.

Their Acoustimass 10 wireless home theater has a beautiful black finish, low profile, and the performance you’ve come to expect from Bose.

These speakers may be small, but they have been expertly engineered to give you a powerful sound. Get ready for a truly immersive audio experience!

5. Sonos Wireless Home Theater

Having excellent movie sound is great for watching movies. But what about those of us who love our music too?

Sonos has you covered!

Their wireless speakers offer you great sound for both movies and music.

Their Playbase system boasts the low profile of a soundbar with the performance of a high-end speaker system.

You can add a subwoofer and some Alexa-connected speakers to get a true 5.1 home theater system. And, you can control it all from your smartphone.

Bring the Theater Home

We all want to bring that big, booming cinema sound into our homes. And thanks to these wireless home theater systems, you can do just that.

Your house will sure to be the new hot spot for movie night or the big game.

But if you want to make your house even smarter, contact us today for a free consultation!