Tips for Creating an Outdoor Home Theater

Sitting around the TV with a bucket of popcorn can be a great way to relax with your family. On warm nights, it can be a tough toss-up to decide between sitting out on the patio or cuddling in the living room.

Creating an outdoor home theater allows you to get the best of both!

You don’t need a ton of expensive equipment or a whole lot of planning to create a comfortable outdoor screening space. You’ll also be able to stretch out and design the space in a way your living room might not allow.

If you want to gather family or friends for a movie night, here are 5 tips for creating the best outdoor theater space.

1. Find Cozy Seating

Look at some comfortable outdoor sofas or lounge chairs that work in your climate. Think about the best all-weather material in case it gets left out overnight.

Get a couple of durable beanbag chairs that the kids will love to pull out of the garage or basement when it’s time to watch a movie.

Find some dedicated blankets and pillows for your family. It’ll be nice to cozy up with loved ones after a long week of running around.

2. Choose Warm Lighting

Think about some outdoor string lights or rope lights either above or down low to light everyone’s path when it’s time to run for a bathroom break or a little more juice.

Make sure it’s not too bright or get something adjustable so that your lights aren’t competing with your projector.

Battery operated or solar powered lights that you leave out year-long can solve your problem and make your outdoor home theater look professional.

3. Get a Bright Projector

Think about how bright it is around your outdoor space. If you live in a densely populated area, you might find that you’re competing with street lights or nearby homes.

Make sure your projector is rated to stand out from your local light pollution. Take the time to make decisions as carefully as you made for your indoor home theater.

4. Pick Out Themed Snacks

Are you watching a spooky movie? Think about cherry juice mixed drinks and cherry pie.

Usually, the latest kids movies have some kind of candy marketed along with them. A little extra effort in the snack department will make the experience extra special.

5. Sound Is Everything

Remember when you would try tune into a show, moving your rabbit ears to-and-fro to get the picture to show? If you could hear the show, you’d stay tuned in to a bad picture.

It wasn’t just you. Studies have shown that people perceive picture quality to be better when they can hear something clearly versus when they can’t.

Find speakers that work for your outdoor space. Find clever ways to eliminate echo.

Speakers with some EQ options should allow you to be able to make sure everyone stays tuned in to the movie instead of constantly whispering “what did she just say?”

Building an Outdoor Home Theater Is Easy

Use your imagination when designing your theater. Every space is different and you know your family better than anyone else, so make sure it has everything they need in a space.

If you get stuck on trying to find the right tech for your space, contact us for advice on how to make your outdoor home theater a favorite for friends and family.