Hive offers automated office security devices to help protect your office from hazards such as accidents and crime. Smart security systems help to reduce threats and improve threat response so you can have greater peace of mind that your office is safe and secure around the clock, not just from nine-to-five.

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Our Smart Business Office Security System Products and Services

Smart office security provides better security, more control, more convenience, and greater ability to see what’s happening on and around your property. With a smart office security system from Hive, you can customize your installations to meet your security needs.

Smart Office Automation Florida

Smart door locks:

Keys are some of the most commonly misplaced items. Misplaced keys not only put your office at risk but they also make getting in and out of the building difficult. Smart door locks increase convenient accessibility, simplify protection, and boost connectivity.

Smart Office Automation Florida

Remote management/monitoring of security cameras.

Keep an eye on your property wherever you are to reduce the risk of accidents and crime.

Smart Office Automation Florida

Sophisticated access control:

Reduce the risk of unsolicited visitors and crime by limiting who can access certain areas in your office.

Smart Office Automation Florida

App control security features:

Stay connected to your office security wherever you are. Application control includes identification, authentication, authorization, validity checks, and more. App control security features give you the proper security coverage you need.

Smart Office Automation Florida

Remote alarm systems:

Remote alarm systems are a better way to keep you connected to your office’s security system. With remote alarms, you can arm or disarm your office as needed wherever you are.

When you choose to work with Hive for your smart office installation, you can feel confident in the automated products and services we install. To learn more about our services and how automated office security can improve your work life, contact Hive today.

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