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Five Reasons Why You Need an Automated Home Management System

home management system

Ever since the 1999 Disney Channel Movie Smart House, people have been waiting to have the ability to integrate a home management system in their house.

The ability to control multiple functions inside your home from anywhere in the world seemed like a dream but the future is here. Today you can control everything from your lights to your oven while you are gone.

There are so many ways you can use a home management system to improve your quality of life. Keep reading to find out five reasons you should have one installed in your home.

1. Control With A Home Management System

Installing a security system in your home is only the first step in keeping your family protected. This system must be managed and maintained. But once installed, you will be able to have control over what happens in your home like never before.

2. Maintain the Perfect Climate

Many people like to change the temperature in their home at night to sleep more soundly. But when you wake up, it can be miserably cold, making it difficult for you to get out of bed for work.

That is why an automated system is a great choice. You can preprogram temperatures for various times of day, as well as adjust the temperature remotely. This allows you to use less energy when you are not home, while still coming home to a warm house. With the latest technology the thermostats have motion sensors in them allowing the to know what temperature to keep the house at depending on time of day and activity in the house.

3. Keep an Eye on Pets and Children

If you have teenagers then you know how nerve-wracking it can be to not know whether they have made it in the door. With security cameras, you will be able to monitor their comings and goings without having to get out of bed.

Some might think this is an invasion of privacy, but the cameras are in common areas and you are just taking the steps necessary to protect your child. If you are a busy parent, the benefit of this system is immense.

Your pets can also be monitored using security cameras. While you are at work during the day you can make sure they aren’t eating your shoes or ripping the stuffing out of your couch cushions.

4. Control Systems While on Vacation

If you install a home management system you will never need to give a neighbor a key to your home again. Things like feeding your plants, taking care of your pets, and bringing in the mail can be completed without you losing control of who has access to your home and when.

It is even possible to set times in advance for the home to allow entry. This can give you peace of mind about someone having unrestricted access to your belongings.

5. Relax at Home

If you grew up any time since 1965, then you have seen some version of The Clapper. Since its debut in Time magazine, sound-activated remote control has given people the ability to turn things on and off from a distance.

With a home automated system, this goes a step further. You won’t have to get up to change the lighting, sound, or temperature of the room you are in. The luxury of relaxation will be yours.

If you are interested in integrating a home management system, contact Hive for a consultation. We can even integrate the Nest or Ecobee that you may already be using.