Design Tips for Your Outdoor Seating Area

Sure, we may be headed into the winter months, but this could be a good time to begin planning an outdoor seating area makeover.

Why choose the colder, winter months for your planning?

It gives you time to truly assess what your outdoor entertainment area may need while it’s not in use!

Or, it could be an opportunity to fill in the gaps and assess what you need in order to enjoy an outdoor seating area in the colder months.

Whichever months you prefer to entertain, here are a few simple tips for creating a beautiful outdoor entertainment area.

Create Your Ultimate Outdoor Seating Area

1. Consider Erecting Shelter

If your outdoor entertainment area is not covered by some sort of shelter, it will be exposed to the elements, no matter the time of year.

To create an outdoor area which is truly versatile, having some sort of shelter is important.

It also goes a long way to ensuring your outdoor seating area is warm and welcoming.

An example of a simple shelter would include a structure crafted from timber, such as a timber pergola.

You can even add roll-up flaps to the sides of your pergola for further insulation.

Pergolas are also a great way to add decor and lighting to an outdoor entertainment area.

2. Create a Comfortable Space to Gather

This may sound like a no-brainer, but comfort is key when it comes to relaxing in an outdoor area.

Create enough seating for multiple guests at a time.

A few examples include benches surrounding a fire pit, a long dining table or comfortable recliners.

An outdoor hot tub or spa is a game changer for any outdoor entertainment area.

At any time of year, this is the ultimate draw-card in making the most out of this area and entertaining your guests!

3. Light Things Up

What better way to create ambiance and an inviting atmosphere than with lighting? A simple string of fairy lights can do wonders for creating the effect you want.

Essentially, lighting should be an integral part of your outdoor entertainment area.

Hang a statement light over a dining table, such as large pendant fixture to create both a statement and lighting for your diners.

Hanging lanterns, strings of fairy lights and large candles can also help to create the dreamy, inviting effect you’re looking for!

4. Mix Things Up

Looking to incorporate more color and character into an outdoor seating area?

A great way to do so is my mixing up the patterns you choose to use in your decor.

It may sound contradictory, but mixing patterns can actually help to create a sense of cohesion within your decor.

Incorporate a mix of patterns and colors in your seating cushions, tablecloths, wall murals and even in your brick or stonework.

5. Invest in Outdoor Heating

When it comes to inclement or chilly weather, prepare for it!

Invest in a few standing heaters or wall and ceiling mounted heaters to create a cozy, inviting space.

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are also a popular addition and go long way to adding sophistication and warmth to an outdoor area.

If you have a shelter exposed to the wind, consider erecting canvas or plastic flaps to roll down and hold in the warmth.

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