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The Best Home Automation Ideas to Prepare for in 2018

Are you wondering about the future of home automation ideas?

Gone are the days of Nanny-cams hidden in teddy bears and having to manually switch the lights on. The future is now!

The role of smart devices and technology in our homes is increasing year-by-year.

In fact, many technology experts believe 2018 is the year in which complete home automation ideas become a reality.

At the center of these changes is the “Internet of Things (IoT)”, which seamlessly connects everything in your home together.

Imagine how streamlined your experience could be if your windows and even stove could be controlled by your phone. No more worrying whether you forgot to turn the stove off!

Instead, everything is connected to the internet and in the palm of your hand. Would you like to have all of your appliances communicating with each other? Each device receiving commands from you and sending you information.

Let’s take a look at some of the best home automation ideas that will take homeowners by storm in 2018.

Home Security and Safety Systems

One of the most obvious and useful home automation ideas is home security systems.

Alarms, cameras, and locks can make you feel a lot more secure in your own home.

You can now choose extremely covert cameras – so you can watch and record people who approach your home.

However, if you already feel safe with the bolts and locks in your home, then instead consider safety automation devices.

For Example, a Doorbird, doorbell station allows you to be notified when someone arrives at your door instantly on your device.

You can also set up special alerts specialized for members of your family. A good example of this we see often is when kids are arriving home from school they enter a specialized code to unlock the door, a photo is then taken and sent to your device to alert you that your kid has arrived home safely.

No more unwanted visitors or worrying if your kids made it home from school ok? Life is too short to be worrying about your safety- don’t you agree?

Even when you’re not at home, you can track what’s happening in your house and ensure your loved ones and belongings are safe at all times. We create custom security solutions that exactly address our clients concerns with safety so there is no need to worry- EVER!

Personalized Weather & Heating Updates

We all know about the fancy hubs which you can control from your phone – that’s old news.

But how would you feel about always knowing whether you need an umbrella?

Sure, we can use regional weather apps. But instead why not have a device which tells you the weather right on your doorstep?

That way, you can then also use your phone to set up your heating or air conditioning (AC) to ensure it’s the perfect temperature in your home when you arrive.

We recommend checking out options such as; the Eve Weather system, which links up to the Apple HomeKit and Control4, or the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Clap Your Hands and Lighten Up!

What’s cooler than having your home set up to mean you can walk into a room and the lights come on, without you even having to move a finger?

This is possible with the IoT and sensors.

Simply buy a few sensors for every room, and you’ll be saving money on your energy bills as the lights also turn off when you leave the room.

Plus, your home gets an instant upgrade – meaning your guests will be impressed. It may be something we’ve dreamed of for a long time, but it’s a lot simpler with modern 2018 technologies!

Of course, the Apple HomeKit, Control4, Google assistant and Alexa also allows you to control your lighting.

If you’re already an iPhone or iPad user, this could be the time to make the switch. Check out Leviton.

The even cooler part is you don’t have to buy the expensive smart lightbulbs anymore. You just replace the actual light switch in your home and then can control your lights from anywhere.

Sit Back and Enjoy your New Home Theatre

Are you obsessed with the latest movies and kicking back after work with a beer and a new film? Then updating your home theatre is a great way to implement home automation ideas.

As we always say, when it comes to music and film, it’s worth making your home an entertainment hotspot – your eyes and ears will be happy you did.

Your options here include creating an HD experience and controlling it using a voice assistant or from your phone.

Choose brands such as; Sony, Klipsch, Samsung, and Apple.

Once installed, it’s possible for you to have out-of-sight ceiling speakers in every room of your house. No more bad quality tunes from your iPad, blast your favorite songs in crisp sound overhead.

New Friends in Your Home with Voice Assistants

Before you purchase any of the items in this article so far, be aware that you need some way in which to control them.

If you’re already an iPhone or iPad user, then you’ll be familiar with Siri. However, this voice assistant isn’t your only option and a very popular choice right now is Amazon’s Alexa.

However, before choosing a voice assistant, you should weigh up your options. Apple users may find that they want to break away from Siri and have another option.

But, you can choose from Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri. These are the most popular options, but there are many other less known choices.

There are different features available for the many assistant options. Currently, the market is saturated.

However, they don’t all offer compatibility with your current IoT products. This could dictate your choice.

The price of a voice assistant can also hugely vary – you could find yourself paying $50 or $300 for similar devices.

Home Automation Ideas Overload?

If you’re feeling confused about how you can connect your home and enjoy the futuristic side of living, then get in touch.

We’re happy to explain the IoT to anyone who feels technologically unaware – it’s less complicated than you might imagine!

Just tell us a little about yourself, have a read throughout our website and we’ll get back in touch to help you out with whatever you’re struggling with!