7 Unique Home Theater Designs That’ll Make You Never Want to Leave

home theater designs

There’s nothing quite like the movies, is there? The sounds, the sharp detail, it all makes for an unforgettable time.

But with movie prices rising 4% since last year, many families have opted to keep their movie experience at home.

Want to be one of them? It all starts with the right look.

While you can take your pick of home theater designs, we’ve got seven that’ll make you never want to leave your house.

Check them out!

The Themed Room

Between the Marvel heroes, Batman, and Game of Thrones, everyone has a franchise they love. Why not show it off?

If you’ve got the money, you can trick out your space Enterprise style. If you’re on a budget, some figures and a few framed posters should do the job.

Either way, themed rooms let you experience your movies in the world of your favorite character. Talk about meta.

Classic Theater

Maybe you’re old school. Maybe you want to party like it’s 1946. No sweat.

Designing your home theater is a breeze. A few red curtains over the windows, some recliner seats, and dim lamps on the walls, and you’re set.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Enhanced Living Rooms

The living room is all about family time. Why not take things up a notch?

A wide sectional, or a sectional-love seat combo, in front of a flat screen, will do the trick. You can even add a subwoofer and shelving to complete the look.

Go Modern

It helps to live in the present. The same goes for your movie-watching experience.

Bevel the floor to create stadium-like tiers, perfect for hosting guests. Backlight your TV or projector for a futuristic glow. Enhance the romance with a starlight painted ceiling.

Or combine the two for a room even a Bladerunner would envy.

Make It a Playroom

There’s more to the movies than just the movies. Some have arcades, full bars. They’re as much hangout spots as anything. Shouldn’t your DIY theater be the same?

Add a pool table and a bar for a more grown-up, bar theme. Or make your theater a full-on media room.

There’s nothing better than playing PS4 on the big screen.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

You can’t watch a movie without popcorn. It’s just not done.

Have a popcorn maker on hand and a snack cabinet within reach. If you’re so inclined, you could even go for a kitchenette.

After all, what’s better than dinner and a movie?

Take the Show Outdoors

Summer’s right around the corner. It’s a time for the outdoors and barbecues. It’s also a time for blockbusters.

Get the best of all three with an inflatable projector and some wireless speakers. You can make all your neighbors jealous.

Iron Man and a half-rack of ribs, anyone?

Where to Find Home Theater Designs and More

Your home theater depends mostly on you: your budget, your tastes, the room you’re working with. To get the best experience without killing your wallet, you need an expert.

Why not us over at the Hive? We’ve got home theater designs, security, everything your home needs.

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