5 Home Theater Design Tips You Need to Take Note Of

home theater design

Home theater design seems easy enough. Choose an HD screen, speakers and seating the whole family can enjoy.

What else is there to consider?

If you want to fall in love with movie time, take note of some new irresistible design features. If you’ve ever sat through ninety minutes of public theater pain, you will want to add cozy comfort, too.

When it’s time to make your home theater dream a reality, we’ve got five tips you need to take note of.

Colors and Themes in Home Theater Design

Because the room is for a specific use, you can go all out with colors, themes, artwork, and accents.

Movie posters, murals, or “living walls” are beautiful choices. The ceiling should also be part of the show.

LED lighting that mimics a starry night or the addition of a skylight to bring in the real thing is a favorite.

Like old school? Comfy red furniture and gold trimmed drapes drip with nostalgia.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lighting is an essential element of any room design. Especially for a theater.

You’ll need separate settings for before and during the show. Make room for wall lights behind the screen.

Floor lights near or under the seating, and overhead lighting for snack and food areas. Use various colors of lighting to add more depth.

Trendy home theater design reveals mini kitchens, popcorn makers, and drink dispensers too.

For uninterrupted viewing, a camera at the front door will alert you if you need to hit pause.

Sounds of Silence

We all know that good sound is critical for top-shelf movie viewing. Your sound system aside, make the sound it’s best with noise-absorbing design choices.

Carpet and thick upholstery options are best. These rank higher than hard surfaces which cause sound waves to bounce around.

Some high-end features also include wall panels which can add texture and color. Of course, these are great additions to the ceiling, too.

Celebrate the Comfort

A home theater should be all about comfort. You want to experience the show, not get a backache.

Theater seating comes in every shape and size you can imagine. You can choose various arm and backrests, colors, and extras like tray tables for your nachos.

You can add your particular style, too.

If you feel most comfortable lounging on a couch rather than a recliner, add this to the floorplan. Theater seating, like your style, doesn’t have to conform to look rich.

Get the Best Tech on the Planet

Once you are ready for showtime, you sure don’t want to skip any of the sights or sounds.

No matter if it’s your favorite movie or the game of the year. Top-end tech allows you to listen to your playlist, too.

You can hear and see it all the way the makers intended. Wireless options rid your room of wire clump mountains, also.

Whether you choose Bose, Sony, or Paradigm Shift, you can tweak choices to make the experience all your own.

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